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A White Canvas

Alanui’s journey started in 2016 with a collection built around a single unique piece, produced in an array of patterns and colors – the Cardigan. Translating into 'large path' in Hawaiian, the brand was born from the idea of a warm and emotion-charged garment that would travel with its wearer throughout their lifetime.


The Cardigan, part garment, part artwork, is thought as a white canvas continuously reinterpreted to translate the emotion of each journey, through constantly changing patterns, colors, materials and knitting techniques.


One thread, endless possibilities

Alanui's designs are a celebration of Italian craftsmanship, combining creativity, premium quality fabrics, and meticulous attention to detail.
The oversized cardigans are made with the finest cashmere, from four to seven different yarns, taking between five and seven hours to be knitted and another six to be assembled.

“Alanui is meant to follow who owns it on the large path of life and experience.”

Carlotta Oddi


A gift of time is the greatest luxury

In order to guarantee a luxury garment that will last forever and follow you on the journey of life, a great deal of patience and dedication is invested both in its design and its manufacture.

Each piece is lovingly and painstakingly crafted to get to the level of luxury that gets better with time


A hidden lucky charm

Inside your Alanui cardigan, you will Saint Christopher’s medal, patron saint of travelers on sea, sky and earth.
Wearing an image of a saint, either as a medal or as a sewn-in image, is an old tradition later adopted by the surfer culture.
Since day one, this hidden lucky charm is a constant feature of Alanui Cardigan – both as an embellishment and as a subtle reminder of the garment’s vocation as a long-lasting travel companion.


Pathways to Responsibility


As part of Alanui's commitment to sustainability, Carlotta and Nicolò are continually researching and implementing new methods to lower each collection's environmental impact.
This includes focusing the sourcing on more certified, responsible animal-derived materials, increasingly choosing materials coming from circular systems and stepping away from non-renewable sources.


Consciously Crafted

In keeping with Alanui's commitment to incorporating virtuous and responsible practices into its production process, “Consciously crafted"- labelled products use over 50% conscious materials certified by third parties, such as recycled cashmere, organic cotton, naturally eco linen, recycled nylon, and certified responsible leather.


“A thing is an object in which we store meanings, may they be affective, intellctive or anything else.”

Remo Bodei


Exclusively Regenerated

“Exclusively regenerated” items are Alanui's crowning achievement when it comes to minimizing its environmental footprint, almost entirely made from regenerated fiber, meaning 95% from cashmere deadstock, with the remaining 5% wool necessary to stabilize the regenerated thread, thus reducing the need to rely on new resources to an absolute minimum.

For this responsible, regenerative fiber to become a luxury knitwear fiber, months of research were devoted to make sure that the legendary softness and durability of this special wool are not compromised.


A Lifetime Companion

Alanui aims at expanding a product’s life cycle.
Long-lasting pieces mean a reduction in their environmental impact.

Therefore, we ship our cardigans in a special bag that allows them to be stored horizontally rather than hung, preventing potential deformation and extending their lifespan.